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We are a Melbourne based company offering advanced Laser Cutting Services. Customer focused and with highly skilled staff, we are ready to assist you with your fabrication and manufacturing projects using our advanced 2D laser cutting or 3D laser cutting services.

Our service is an advanced manufacturing process – computer controlled to produce components with precision and repeatability at very affordable prices. We can cut a diverse range of materials accurately with minimal thermal effect and low distortion.

Production runs of low or high volume are carried out with attention to detail and your project files are stored on our database for simplified and convenient reordering.

If you need assistance with parts development using 2D or 3D laser cutting, our experienced staff are ready to help. Whether you are in Melbourne or interstate, contact us to discuss your project. 

Tap into our extensive production knowledge and advice or just request a quotation and we will respond promptly.

About Advanced Cutting Technology

Advanced Cutting Technology is an Australian owned Quality Assured Company established in 1995 and based in Melbourne. We offer the latest in laser cutting technology with both profile and rotary laser cutting machines . Our State of the art equipment promises a quick and cost effective turnaround for both 2D laser cutting and 3D laser cutting.

Laser cutting technology assures accuracy and speed, complex shapes with no distortion and a list of technical benefits. There is a vast variety of materials which can be laser cut, from steel to styrene, ceramics to cardboard. Take the time to look through this website and see what laser cutting services we can offer your business.


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Custom Decorative Screen Service

Laser Cut Screens

Looking for a decorative screen to suit your home or garden design? ACT Laser is the place to go. We can work from your own design or choose from our extensive library. It's quick and affordable.

For more details view our Lasercut Screen website or call us on 03 9768 3553

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